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Sustainable and Natural Nutrition Products
Protenga’s core products are derived from the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) that is farmed in our distributed bioconversion systems. Our Hermet-products are an outstanding source of protein, fats and minerals, ready for inclusion in fish, poultry, pet and exotics diets.

Our local, year-round production enables consistent quality, fresh supply and stable pricing, while also providing a sustainable alternative to resource-intensive and environmentally and socially detrimental ingredients like fishmeal and soybean meal. The larvae residues (‘frass’) that is left over after Recycling Food nutrients is a high-quality natural fertilizer for plant growth and health (ReFood fertilizer).

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Hermet Grubs™

Hermet Grubs are whole dried larvae of the black soldier fly (Hermetia Illucens); Approx 46% protein and 18% fats, high in minerals, no additives. For live larvae, please see our partner YumGrubs.

Hermet Meal™

Hermet Meal is produced by defatting and milling the dried Black Soldier Fly larvae. Approx 55-60% protein, <10% fats, high in Calcium and other minerals, fine and free flowing, readily mixed and extruded for compound feed in various feed formulations; Can also be supplied as whole meal for higher energy content.

Hermet Oil™

Hermet Oil is the mechanically extracted oil of the Black Soldier Fly larvae. It is high in lauric acid, palmitic acid, Oleic acid and Linoleic acid. Functions as attractant for pellet coating and easily metabolizable energy source for fish, shrimp, pets and young livestock animals. Other uses include cosmetic industry and biofuels. Can be supplied as crude oil or in saturated / unsaturated oil fractions.

ReFood Fertiliser™

ReFood Fertilizer is a microbially-activated organic fertilizer made out of insect frass (similar to wormcast) and the decomposed organic biomass. It is an excellent nutrient-rich fertilizer for organic farming and horticulture promoting plant growth that can also help in pest reduction.

Aquaculture, premium livestock (organic and young animals), pets and exotics and organic fertilizer
We aim to provide a cost-competitive nutrition and protein ingredient for premium feed products and integrated food production systems. Our insect-based products can replace fishmeal and other protein ingredients in conventional formulations, boost health and immune system, provide easily-metabolizable energy particularly for young animals and generally complement the diet of most carnivorous and omnivorous animal species with a natural protein source.

Product quality, safety and consistency are of paramount importance for us. We deploy strict good hygiene and agricultural practices and have developed a comprehensive regime of control points and QC procedures.

Protenga’s focus is on developing and marketing bulk nutrition ingredients for aquaculture, livestock, pets and plants.
In line with our mission to build the infrastructure for a new category of food system, we work with various pioneering partners and innovators across the value chain to develop novel integrated production models, value-added input and output transformations, new product offerings and refined products such as biomaterials and extracts.

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Nutrition for pets and companion animals

For pets and exotics, we have developed YumGrubs as a separate premium-quality pet food product offering. YumGrubs sells live feeders as well as whole dried and processed pet food products for retail. Products are available for direct online purchase at

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