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About Us

Protenga means Have Protein.

We are an agricultural technology company that produces high-quality & sustainable insect-based nutrition for aquaculture, farmed animals, pets, plants and humans.

We are building the infrastructure for a new category of food system through localized upcycling of low-value protein biomass into high-quality animal protein in the most environmentally responsible way.

Our main goal is simple. We want to provide a sustainable solution to re-establish a circular nutrient flow instead of our current produce-consume-dispose model.

In the near future, our food and feed supply will not be able to support earth’s increasing population - the growing demand for protein is already taking a huge toll on the environment. Apart from being a natural and healthy diet for most farmed animals, insect farming also provides many positive environmental advantages. They use significantly less water, space, energy, and time to farm and can be produced locally to increase regional food security and self-sufficiency. By 2050, our planet will need to sustain more than 9.5 billion humans, more than 2 billion pets, and more than 20 billion livestock animals. In order to ensure food on everyone’s plate, changes in our feed supply must happen now.

What are we doing?

Bioconversion using insects is the most efficient and high-value method to transform low-value protein biomass. We are dedicated to build a scalable production and business model following natural systems and ecosystem approaches and are working on several initiatives to deploy our know-how and systems towards our goals of environmental, social and business sustainability.

Why are we doing it?

Our passionate and experienced team brings in hands-on expertise in key areas such as biotechnology, biology, systems engineering, software IOT, product design, finance and marketing. We work closely with our network of partners including leading universities, research institutes, government agencies and regulators.

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