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Forging a new frontier in protein supply and feed sustainability.

Protenga develops intensive insect farming systems for sustainable protein production

We produce sustainable, high-protein, safe and cost-effective animal nutrition and organic fertilizer by using a novel, scalable insect-based bioconversion process to recapture nutrients from organic side-streams. Our responsible and innovative approach focuses on driving necessary change in the global food supply chain.


Protenga produces and distributes Insect-based Nutrition for aquaculture, premium livestock, pet food and plants. Our four core products are:

Hermet Protein

Hermet Oil

ReFood Fertilizer

We harness the natural power of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) to extract nutrients and decompose organic sidestreams in science-based, engineered systems.

This circular economy approach allows us to break the produce-consume-dispose nutrient flow characterising our current food system by tackling and connecting two urgent global challenges:

1. Supply locally produced, high-quality animal feed protein to cope with increasing demand and reduce the strain on natural resources resulting from extensive overfishing (fishmeal) and soil erosion (soy and other feed crops).

2. Upcycle a broad range of bystreams and waste organic materials from agriculture and food production to its highest possible value instead of disposing them.

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